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FUT 20: UCL Cards, Objectives, SBCs, and Marquee Matchups

2019-12-06 09:40

Blue UCL cards have been acquainted with packs, just as UEFA Champion's League Objectives, confound SBCs, and Marquee Matchups. Try not to stress, we've tackled them all to give you the lowdown on what's going on with everything's and's who in the new substance. 
In accordance with the third round of Champion's League matches, EA have discharged the exceptionally foreseen UCL cards for FUT 20. This year points a takeoff from convention, and the UCL cards have precisely the same details as the normal gold players. We accept this is because of grievances that ahead of schedule In-Form cards were made repetitive when UCL cards were discharged in earlier years. 
Presently, you can locate the blue UCL cards and the normal gold cards of each chosen player in packs. There is just a corrective contrast, however blue UCL cards appear to get a more significant expense on the Transfer Market. 
We have likewise observed the arrival of constrained time UCL Objectives, SBCs, and Marquee Matchups. Try not to stress, we have the arrangements beneath. 

UCL Cards 
Who's accessible? 
Any player in a Champion's League group is accessible as a blue UCL card in packs. So Messi, Ronaldo, Salah, Allison, everybody. But Manchester United players. You get the image - on the off chance that they're in the Champion's League this season - they're in! 

How would I get them? 
UCL cards are accessible in packs or on the Transfer Market. 

What's the point? 
We know there's no detail expands this year, yet UCL cards still have an utilization. Here are the primary employments: 
Restorative contrast. Let's be honest - they look incredible in your group line up. 
Sell at a greater expense. UCL cards are as of now selling at significantly greater expenses on the Transfer Market because of their irregularity. 
SBCs. UCL Squad Building Challenges all through the season may require UCL cards to finish (more on that beneath). 
Dynamic Ratings. This isn't affirmed at this point, however in FUT 19 players got lifts to their details dependent on their advancement through the challenge. 

Squad Building Challenges 
Under The Spotlight 
Complete this test including two UEFA Champions League Common players. Here are the necessities: 
Least 4 Leagues 
Greatest 4 players from a similar Nation 
Greatest 4 players from a similar Club 
Least 2 UCL non-Rare and UCL Rare players 
Least Squad Rating 76 
Least Team Chemistry 75 

UEFA Marquee Matchups 
Two UEFA Marquee Matchups were discharged today, Galatasaray v Real Madrid and Ajax v Chelsea. We'll experience the necessities underneath, however the award for finishing both Marquee Matchup squads is a Small Prime Gold Players Pack. 

Galatasaray v Real Madrid 
Trade a blend of players including Galatasaray and Real Madrid. The necessities for this test are: 
Least 3 players from Galatasaray OR Real Madrid 
Least 2 players from Turkey OR Spain 
Least Team Rating 75 
Least Team Chemistry 85 

Ajax v Chelsea 
Trade a blend of players including Ajax and Chelsea. The necessities for this test are: 
Least 2 players from Ajax OR Chelsea 
Least 8 players from Eredivisie OR Premier League 
Least Team Rating 78 
Least Team Chemistry 85 

UCL Objectives 
The least demanding approach to finish these difficulties is by beginning with European Nights. Get your two UCL players, and complete different targets (in spite of the fact that, with all the GKs we've been seeing, you may experience difficulty scoring objectives). At that point, put the UCL player prizes from these difficulties into your SBC. You'll must be speedy, yet the prizes are justified, despite all the trouble.

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